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Our History

In 2001 a group of concerned motorcyclists formed the New Jersey Motorcyclists Alliance. They began advocating biker rights and growing stronger year by year. In 2006 the organization began to operate under the ABATE name officially becoming what today is known as ABATE of the Garden State.

ABATE means many things throughout the many states that have ABATE organizations.  In NJ the group chose American Bikers Advocating Training & Education but no matter what the acronym, the mission of ABATE across the country is the same, provide a voice to champion the rights of motorcyclists and advocate for training and education for both motorcyclists and the driving public in general.

In 2009, ABATE of the Garden State North Jersey Chapter was formed to provide a more regional venue for concerned bikers in Northern New Jersey to come together and take part in the fight for biker rights, training and education.

ABATE of the Garden State is a non-partisan legislative organization that represents the interests of the over 165,000 registered motorcyclists in New Jersey.
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